ICSCE 2021 | 2021 5th International Conference on Structural and Civil Engineering

Prof. Dr Alberto Estévez
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain

Alberto T. Estevez (Barcelona, 1960) is an Architect (UPC, 1983), Architecture Ph.D. of Sciences (UPC, 1990), Art Historian (UB, 1994), Art History Ph.D. of Arts (UB, 2008), with professional office of architecture and design in Barcelona (1983-today), creating a large number of projects and works.
He has taught at different universities in Barcelona and Vienna until founding the ESARQ, the School of Architecture of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona, 1996), being its first Director (1996-2005). He is currently Chairman-Professor of Architecture and the Vice-Chancellor/General-Manager of UIC Barcelona.
He also founded the Biodigital Architecture Master & PhD Program and the Genetic Architectures Research Group & Office (2000-today), with the first Digital Architecture (Fab)Laboratory in a Spanish School of Architecture, and with the world’s first real Genetic Architecture Laboratory where, for first time in the history of architecture, geneticists are working together with architects, with architectural objectives, in a real application of genetics to architecture. He has written more than one hundred publications, articles and books, and has participated in a very large number of exhibitions, congresses and conferences around Europe, America and Asia.


Prof. Carlos Chastre
NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal

Carlos Chastre received his Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering / Structures from NOVA University of Lisbon and also holds a M.Sc. degree in Structural Engineering and a B.Eng in Civil Engineering from Technical NOVA University of Lisbon. After working in industry for 8 years, he joined the Department of Civil Engineering at NOVA University of Lisbon as a Teaching Assistant in 1997, and was promoted to Assistant Professor in 2005. He has been a professor in charge of courses of Statics, Strength of Materials II, Reinforced Concrete I and II, Structural and Geotechnics Subjects, Design of Structures, Structural Design and Strengthening & Repair of Structures. He has authored more than 100 publications and has supervised to completion 21 master students, 4 PhD students, and 2 Postdoc researchers. He has won the BES National Award for Innovation in the area of New Materials and Industrial Technologies in 2009.


Assoc. Prof. Paulo Mendonça
University of Minho, Portugal

Paulo Mendonça was born in Porto in 10th June. PhD in Civil Engineering by the University of Minho, with the thesis: “Living under a second skin”, acclaimed by unanimity (2005). As a PhD fellowship of FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) he got the “Advanced Studies Diploma” in Barcelona on the Technical Superior School of Architecture (ETSAB). He is Associate Professor in the Architecture School of the University of Minho, Portugal (EAUM). President of EAUM (2011-2012) and Vice-President (2010-2011). Architectural Graduate and Integrated Master Studies Director (2005-2009). He is an author of more than one hundred publications. The main research subjects includes lightweight and mixed weight buildings, low cost housing, local and global economic asymmetries, low-tech strategies, energy costs and sustainable development, new materials and technologies, recycling and reusing potentialities.


Assoc. Prof. Marina Rynkovskaya
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Russia

Dr. Marina Rynkovskaya (rynkovskaya_mi@pfur.ru) is an associate professor at department of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the head of Alumni department of Engineering Academy at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University). She obtained BSc and MSc degrees in Civil Engineering in 2002 and 2004 respectively at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University). Since 2003 she had worked as a project engineer in industry for 10 years and defended her PhD thesis in Structural Mechanics at Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) in 2013. Since 2006, she has worked at RUDN University (including as an associate professor since 2014). The main research topic concerns analytical methods of stress-strain analysis of spatial/shell structures, especially helicoids, and she is a member of the international association for spatial structures (IASS). She is also involved in several research projects such as optimization of free-form roofs (in collaboration with CentraleSupelec, France) and stress solution for elastic/elastic FGM discs (in collaboration with Beihang University, China).
She has the Honorary Diploma of the Rectorate of the RUDN University for active scientific and pedagogical activity (2016), the best teacher award of the Moscow City Professional Competition of Pedagogical Excellence and Public Recognition in the nomination "Young Teacher of the University - 2012" .



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